So This is Social Media!

I have lost sight of this project as a course.  It is growing on me as a….what, hobby?  Pursuit? Sideline?

Life’s work?

I was absent from the mainstream world for some time.  Bra-fitting – casual employment, seasonal, a job I fell into – was a single point of contact between the old world and the new shift.  Retail, yes, consumer-based, yes, but raw.  And a skill which still amazes me:  I don’t know how I do it.  So, it fit in both worlds, and neither.

Anyway. Here it is.  I’ve plugged my enthusiasm and belief and opinions and observations and criticisms and rants on this subject into social media.  And it feels very good.  I’ve never had an outlet for the stories, for the observations, for the insights into how we are as women.

Now I can make videos.  Tell stories.  Rant.

This course seems no longer about social media, but about sharing.

I think I’ve got it.

(ps also have a new obsession:  monitoring views of video.  72 and growing, time to peek again….)



Video. Hmmm.

I have completed the video.  It was fun, initially, but I’ve found the linking difficult.  Probably because I keep using different names in different accounts…I’m unable to access my Xtranormal account, so can’t seem to move the video to Youtube.

Well, here it is:   The writing part was great, but it turned out to be a bit eerie!  The title is ‘Bra Fitting on a Spaceship.’

Three videos

I went looking for YouTube videos demonstrating bra fitting.  I found three that represent a range:  production quality, style, quality of information, audience reach, and degree of viewer engagement (that is, degree of my engagement).

First is a 15-minute video of a bra fitter, shot in what looks like a stockroom.  Everything looks jury-rigged, from the fitting room curtain to the mis-spelled signs.  The model is a full-breasted young woman, which is a red flag:  such women are not representative of women on the whole.  Yes, she is a bit large, and so harder to fit, but firm, so easier.  I watched the presentation with suspicion:  the first bra was such a weird fit, the fitter was male…so I wasn’t sure where I had strayed.  However, after a while the fitter engaged my attention:  the commentary as it pertained to fitting was spot on. The third and fourth bras modelled were fabulous, and beautifully fit. However, the singing and then dancing around with the giant breast was just creepy.

The second video is a sales pitch for a ‘new’ popular bra.  It was immediately annoying:  cheap set and a phony presenter.  Five women parade out in high heels and shortie robes, all young.  Again, just not representative of the real world.  Of course this bra works for them!  To their credit though, the problem bra fits modelled (the ‘before’ shots) looked quite genuine. This gave the presentation an unexpected dimension of authenticity, from my point of view.  However, the biggest size represented is 38, and the presenter claimed that that covered ‘women of all sizes’.  Huh.  Not at all.

The third video is a simple makeover by Playtex.   The subject of the makeover is a woman who is a difficult fit in the breasts, and probably a 42.  That’s more like it.  The piece is a pleasant before-and-after, with a few personal details thrown in.  It came across as completely authentic.

Of the three, the first was most engaging from a professional point of view.  Though a bit weird and tasteless in parts, the fitter relayed expertise and commitment to his product.

I suppose targeting larger-breasted women makes sense, to a point:  they are the ones who usually know when bras aren’t working, more so than small- or average-sized women.  But it would be good to cover a range…and more, good to cover an age range.  As women age, fitting gets much more difficult.

But it is such a delicate thing to take to video!  I’d love to do the bra-fitting-can-be-fun scenario though….

Moving on to video….

Ok, more new….

This course has catapulted me into these new technologies….I don’t think I would have persevered with this learning curve!  And now, visuals….

Camtesia does not seem to work (webcam is engaged but recording doesn’t pick up).  So, I moved to animation….and how fun is this?!  I sat down several hours ago and started typing dialogue, and testing voices, and…oh my goodness!  I haven’t begun to insert motion:  so far, it is the words, computer-generated inflections that have caught me.  Only thing is, there is a limit of free use, then the site charges for service.

But, how fun, what a place for creativity with words…

more soon,


Podcasts at work

We’ve been asked to blog about podcasting for work.  This confounded me, for several reasons:  first, I’m starting a new job, new industry, soon, which is claiming my energy and attention, and second, my job/calling (which I’m setting aside for a while) did not seem to lend itself to podcasting:

‘Bra-Fitting 101’?   ‘6 Common Errors of Bra-Fitting’?

‘Your Breasts are Not Too Big/Small, Your Back is Not Too Broad, You are Not a Bizarre Strange Shape, You Are a Woman NOT a Calvin Klein Model’?

‘You’re Not a B, You’re a D (And Don’t Argue About It)’

But then, as I was typing, I realized how fun it could be!  A forum for my rants, and they are many, and not always wise to air in the fitting room.  For example:  ‘if you want to hide every single roll and imperfection, wear a bourka’.  Though I have indeed said that several times, when I’ve been fed up with Barbie-Dollism…oh, and there’s another one!

Also, I blogged before about story-telling…a woman’s relationship with her breasts is a place of stories.  Often sad, sometimes tragic.  Yes, there are stories to tell.

The Bra Podcast.  Could happen….oh my goodness, how great….

Podcasting, con’t

So far – and that is a genuine qualifier, as I have learned to not assess or judge these technologies too quickly – I think that I’ll be a listener of podcasts, not a maker.

I just listened to Lunaluchena’s podcast on Mindfulness.  It was 4 minutes of guided peace.  And it met a need I hadn’t addressed:  guided meditation.  It has been in my mind to look for this, but I haven’t…now here is a resource.

Another use is storytelling.  I love storytelling, to listen to books being read aloud.  But this is a luxury of time and patience and quiet pace that is no longer common.  I’ll look for storytelling by podcast…

So this form of shared media will bring several things to my life, things of simple richness.


My Blue Dog podcast.

I’ve just published another podcast.  I won’t write second podcast, because I’ve done about five, and they have drifted off.  After some thought, I read from “Rebecca” by Daphne du Maurier; a grave and low-key read for a cold Sunday afternoon.  But those disappeared; maybe a good thing, as they didn’t make for light-hearted engagement!  Though you gotta love the quality of writing…

Fortunately, Nancy at petphoto95 had a better idea….so I podcasted about the Blue Dog who runs at my heels.

Right at the start of this course we had the option to identify ourselves through a photo.  One day I made a quick choice of photos I have stored; not random, but certainly not deeply pondered.  I chose the blue dog.  The photo has significance for me, but is anonymous.  Since then, though, the Blue Dog has gained life and further meaning; it is an identifier and a shield.  A quick, almost thoughtless choice of photo has resulted in a brand; it has gained its own place…. it’s a bit disconcerting, and certainly an unexpected insight into identity.

Podcast #1


Hi everyone,

This is the link to my podcast.  How fun is that?!  I took the advice of the course notes, and had no script; in fact, had little idea what to say!  But I could say anything!  It is so easy, and so very powerful.  Odd that it seems more fleeting to me that the written word…my awareness of the power of words in blogging continues, but podcasting seems much more fleeting.   But it is not!

So much that can be done with this….what shall I say next time?


I went to itunes and opened an account.  That is, I opened itunes and it let me set things up…since I didn’t set up an account, is it specific to my computer?  Would be interested to know how this works…

But, podcasts:  I subscribed to two, and they downloaded.  They are the Current on CBC, and On Being with Kristi Tippett, from National Public Radio in the US.

Being able to listen to them at leisure is so good:  both require a particular mood to fully appreciate the material.  When I listen to the Current, I am almost certain to hear something disturbing, though important.  If I catch the show at 9am that is good; there is time to think and work with the information. I would not care to listen in the evening, and have the show swirling and unsettled overnight.

On Being is the opposite.  The material requires peaceful reflection, something I’m less likely to do in the morning; it is evening listening.

So controling the timing is wonderful….


I’ve had  few days away.  During that time I, well, um, sort of, not to put to fine a point on it –

I found a very handy, in fact unreplicable, use for Linkedin.

When I need work, I fit bras.  It is retail, unremarkable, non-professional, uncompensated, but ….extraordinary.  I have a talent for it I can’t explain.  I cajole and argue and tell women they are wrong and see their scars….  And in doing this, I find the best fit, something that, in most cases, they do not believe existed.  And I did it at a Big Department Store, where product is cheap

I have no business card, no storefront, not even a stable job; I work, then I take off and travel.  The store hires me whenever I come back and need money.  Women come in with their daughters, their friends, their elderly mothers (such a difficult and expanding market); my co-workers can only shake their heads and say, she’ll be back in the fall, maybe.

Oh my goodness.  Linkedin is the answer, the means of keeping in touch with all those women who have found that ….. bra shopping can be fun.  And ok.  And safe and good and positive…